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ClickLancers is a New Microtasks platform will pay you for watching Ads & completing microtasks while Advertisers can also Promote their websites & Videos. Earn upto 120$ Daily.
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What Is Clicklancers?

The Clicklancer AdProgram allows you to buy geo-targeted views, likes, follows and grow your brand popularity while building brand legitimacy and fostering interest in your channel's videos all this from our partner platforms. Our Cashclicks accounts allow anyone to join our global network of Clicklancers who are getting paid watching ads, rating posts, subscribing to channels, testing apps & much more to make some extra income.

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Everyone is an & Influencer, why aren't you getting paid like one?


Earn cash and crypto by viewing advertisements.

Global Coverage

With Clicklancers you can work from anywhere anytime. Our platform is available in 100+ countries & over 7 languages. All you need is to spend some of your free time on our platform and start earning.

Guaranteed Ads

You get guaranteed ads to click on every day. Plus you don’t need any special skills to start working on Clicklancers.

Mobile App

Are you and your phone inseparable? Use our mobile friendly platform to earn money while you’re in a taxi, at work, on a date or out for a walk.


Login & Enter your payment details in the Clicklancers settings page. You can withdraw in Crypto, Cards or any of our supported payment methods and we will send the money to your wallet every week.

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Clicklancers is better with friends. Share your referral link with friends & family to earn extra cash for every Ad Watched by your referral.


It takes just a few seconds to signup and get access to multiple ways to earn: View ads, videos, rate apps, follow pages. Then withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum of just $15.00.

How Can I Get More Earnings?

Once you signup on Clicklancers you get a Free Account that you can use to start earning immediately on Clicklancers. If you would like to upgrade to any of our premium clicklancer accounts you can do so at anytime & boost your earnings. Compare the different account types we have & choose one that suits you. Feel free to invite your friends & work together or even open a corporate account and employ click lancers under you.

How does it work?

It’s really easy. After you create an account, we’ll send you an activation code on your email, login to your click lancers account & go to the Cashclicks section and then start getting paid between $0.40 to $0.80 for every task completed. You can also choose to work with our Free Plan & understand how everything works.
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You’ll get paid a minimum of $0.40 up to $0.80 for every ad watched.

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Once you earn $15.00 or more, Just withdraw your cash to your bank account or bitcoin wallet every Payday.

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Share your referral link with friends & earn more from every ad they watch.

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Clicklancers allows you to monetise your online presence and get a cut of the billions spent annually on advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got you covered, check our FAQs or talk to our 24/7 support team on live chat.

Yes! Its perfectly legal for advertisers to buy views and furthermore our views are 100% from real users & not bots. These users in turn earn cash and not points or gift cards unlike other online platforms that have complex point systems and hidden policies. You can also check out the recent payments to our clicklancers here

We charge a small fee every Year to cover your account administration costs, support costs, payment processing fees & other costs attached to maintaining your account & the platform stable for hundreds of thousands of users like you.

Don't take our word for it. Just test our services first for the 10 days for free & see it for yourself. If you are happy with our services, you may subscribe to a premium clicklancer account anytime. Subscription is optional & voluntary. You can also terminate it at any time by sending us an email on [email protected]

Free accounts have limited earnings.

With our premium accounts you can easily earn upto $100.00 daily with Clicklancers. All you need to do is upgrade to the Plan that suits you, then the premium tasks will be automatically added to your account in a few seconds and you can instantly increase your daily earnings.

You may also refer friends or open a corporate account and employ click lancers under you and earn on every ad/task they complete.